Alison Hollingsworth

Ballet Instructor, Master Teacher, Choreographer, Studio Owner.
Alison Hollingsworth has a varied dance background, primarily classical ballet, with knowledge of modern and tap. She studied intensively at Birmingham Southern College Dance Department concentrating in Vaganova ballet technique, modern, jazz, pedagogy, musicality, injury prevention, choreography, and with a concentrations toward performance skills. During this time she also performed and taught through out Alabama and the Southeast. After college Alison relocated to New York City where she continued to train professionally with such teachers as David Howard, Wilhelm Burmann, Peff Modelski, Nancy Bielski, Finis Jhung, and Leslie Brown as well as in pilates and floor barre work. Alison’s teaching style was greatly influenced by David Howard to include a very kinesthetic and organic approach to help dancers use their bodies in the healthiest way and to maximize fluidity of movement. Through this approach much of the undesired stiffness and gripping that one so often sees in students can be avoided without sacrificing any strength.While in New York City Alison worked with Rebecca Kelly Ballet along with other freelance performance groups as well as choreographing and teaching advanced beginner to advanced levels of ballet at Broadway Dance Center Teen and Children’s program, Broadway Dance Center Open program, Ballet Arts- City Center, Keystone State Dance Festival, and several studios in New Jersey.

Prior to moving back to Alabama in 2011 Alison also spent three years in Seattle, Washington where she continued to choreograph and teach beginner through advanced ballet at the University of Washington Experimental College, Gotta Dance and Westlake Dance Center as well as various guestings and master classes. In addition to her ballet classes Alison designed a Ballet Fitness class in which she combined several techniques accumulated through her years as a dancer from various teachers, exercise forums, and Physical Therapists. Alison formulated the class to help dancers of all levels in identifying and correcting areas of weakness or imbalance along with overall body strengthening and stretching with the general goal of injury prevention.

Alison is now sharing her love of Ballet at her studio Ballet Arts & Fitness in Tuscaloosa, Alabama as well as through outreach programs.
Naomi Shadix

Ballet Instructor


Naomi began her relationship with ballet at the age of 3 while living in Saudi Arabia. Her early training was primarily in English and American styles. Since then, Naomi has focused mainly on the Vaganova technique, studying with Debbie Spivey at Calvert-Brodie School of Dance, in Columbia, SC, and Rita Snyder and Rhea Speights at The University of Alabama.

Naomi performed under the direction of Rhea Speights for Synesthetic Arts, and part of a collaboration with Sans Pointe Dance Company.

She now trains extensively with Alison Hollingsworth at an advanced level, performing with Alison’s outreach ensemble. Naomi is passionate about teaching other adults the joys of ballet with an emphasis on proper and safe technique.


Laura Fikes









Carmen Brown

Director of Preschool “Prima Ballerina/Premier Dansuer” Program and Instructor, and Classic Jazz.

Carmen Brown has both a strong dance background along with experience and a vested interested in working with kids. She grew up in a suburb of Detroit and started dancing at the age of 3. Carmen studied ballet, tap, pointe, jazz, modern, musical theater, lyrical, and more under Anna Casali and Patrice Iannace at Casali School of Dance. She also gained experience teaching at the studio while she was in high school and competed both regionally and nationally at DanceAmerica, and Energy Dance competitions. After high school, Carmen went to North Carolina State University, where she dabbled a little in ballroom dance, but continued her ballet and jazz technique, as that is where her passion lies. Carmen is now a graduate student at UA, pursuing her PhD in developmental psychology. Her primary research focus is on school readiness in preschool age children. She is so excited to work with Alison to develop the Prima Ballerina program, as her passion for dance and experience and love of working with children coalesce with this incredible opportunity.




Classical Ballet for Adult, Pre-teen (9-12), Teen (13-17), Young Dancer (6-8), and Pre-school (3-5)