Benefits of Ballet

Ballet is a beautiful art form that to the casual observer appears effortless. Dancers appear to float, glide, and soar across the stage. It is only through proper technique and dedicated training that we are able to create such an appearance. It is hard work and long hours yet there is no greater feeling than when you are floating, gliding, and soaring!
In addition to the wonderful benefits of performing, ballet training has so many other benefits to students both adult and child. The discipline it takes to study and train in ballet gives us the foundation to stick with things regardless of how hard they seem. It shows us what incredible things (even as small as finally getting a knee straight) we can accomplish if we persevere. It teaches students how to set a goal and strive until it is reached. I have seen many student’s faces light up with pride and triumph when they finally “get” something. Ballet can instill such a sense of pride in ourselves and our bodies thus giving us confidence which carries through all aspects of life.  I always leave class feeling “lighter and brighter” of spirit and mind.
Ballet can also help create a healthy body and lifestyle through consistent exercise. Ballet creates a very strong core, good posture, strong muscles, and helps increase flexibility, coordination and agility. We know that children who exercise are in better physical health and that often creates healthy habits they will carry into adulthood. As adults, exercise helps maintain healthy body systems as well and reduces stress. It is also a wonderful way to make new friends in a like minded community!! 
It is clear that I love ballet. I enjoy performing, taking class and teaching class and I believe all of that comes through in my studio. I encourage my students to work hard, ask a lot of questions, and laugh a lot because to me that is the best way to learn!


Classical Ballet for Adult, Pre-teen (9-12), Teen (13-17), Young Dancer (6-8), and Pre-school (3-5)