Studio Philosophy

I, Alison Hollingsworth, have been teaching Classical Ballet in New York City, Seattle, Washington, and Alabama for over 20 years and I cannot imagine anything I would rather be doing. I teach students from all walks of life including children just having fun to those destined to be professional dancers to adult beginners to retired professional dancers and they all have one thing in common. They just want to dance! It is my privilege, as a teacher, to take each student at their level and add to their technique, enjoyment and understanding of dance in whatever aspect they need. Although we work diligently you will find my classrooms erupt in laughter often. Learning is serious business you know!
I was fortunate to have a teacher early on in my career who molded the way I approach teaching. While she turned out many professional dancers she believed anyone with the desire to dance could do so. The restrictions of age, body, and flexibility were outdated notions to her. It was the teachers job to explain how to best use what you were given and what muscles to use. She was an incredible technician who could explain anything. Granted, she didn’t mean everyone could be a professional dancer as so many factors play into that, but that everyone could be technically proficient and have the joy and expression of ballet. I have gratefully taken this with me in my teaching and see her words flourish around me.
My goal as a teacher is to help each student achieve their best. Ballet offers us so much in the way of artistic beauty, confidence, challenges- both mental and physical, strong healthy bodies, work ethic, coordination and so much more. Everyone, child or adult, should have the opportunity to try it whether it be through ballet class or ballet fitness. So, come try a class and laugh and learn!  Please see what other students are saying!  Foster child program, need based scholarships, and work study positions are available.  

Classical Ballet for Adult, Pre-teen (9-12), Teen (13-17), Young Dancer (6-8), and Pre-school (3-5)